I’ve always been physical active-rugby, gym, kayaking, outdoor pursuits etc, but once kids came along, these all took a back seat.

Having turned 50 and squired the stereotypical ”dad-bod” (despite plugging away at boring gym routines), I read about CrossFit training and realised there was a centre close to where I lived and worked. Joining in April 2017, the hardest part was the initial walk through the door into the relatively unknown. However, the fraternity that I discovered was a revelation and combined with great coaching in a group of like-minded people of all ages, types and fitness levels, I felt very much welcomed and soon settled in.

The first 6 weeks were tough learning new techniques and aching in places I’d not known of before! I felt within months my strength and cardio had tangibly improved, and I relished the diversity and weekly new challenges that CrossFit offered. You can compete against yourself or others, and participate in great combined workouts that really push you to improve and test your boundaries.

There are some things I’ll probably never master, but I’m always willing to give them a go. Since starting, I improved my diet, slept better and generally feel fitter, stronger and carry less fat than when I was in my twenties (when I thought of myself as fairly fit and active). I never thought I’d see my 6 pack again (last present in the 1980s😂), but it has re-emerged thanks to CrossFit and a sensible diet (I still eat chocolate and drink too much wine🍷).

I never get bored with it or the great people I share my passion (and now my life❤️), with! I’m possibly the oldest in the shed but I wear that as a badge of honour-you are never too old or unfit to change your life. I’m so glad I took that first leap of faith when I did. 👍🕺🏻