In November of 2018 I did a taster session  at Crossfit Llantrisant and loved it. I went in to it not really knowing what Crossfit actually was. I was instantly hooked and joined straight away. I started by doing the 6am classes 3 sessions a week, before upping it to 5 sessions at the end of January. I’ve also started doing partner WOD on Saturdays which is an awesome workout! 

I love the variety of workouts and how everything can be scaled to suit all abilities. Going through all the progression of different movements has kept me motivated and wanting to get to the next level. When I joined I was unable to do 1 pull up, I can now link 12 kipping pull ups and this week achieved my first muscle up. I’m the fittest, strongest and healthiest I’ve ever been!

The class environment is great and the support of all the members and coaches is amazing, everyone gets behind each other to get the workouts done! 

The first time I stepped through the door I never envisaged achieving the results that I have! 

Thank you to everyone at Crossfit Llantrisant