Rachel is a fitness enthusiast and qualified Personal Trainer.  She has always loved training no matter the format and even from a young age, was very active. Rachel was captain of her local hockey team and loved playing netball. Even though Rachel was short for a netball player (and still only 4”10) she played in wing attack position and was very nippy around the court!

Rachel started running in her twenties and joined a local running club where she entered many races.

After a few years she decided she needed a new challenge and wanted to change by body shape. Rachel joined a local gym and attended classes such as kettlebells, circuits and step aerobics.

Rachel started Crossfit in 2012 and this is where she started taking her fitness to another level, whilst incorporating a healthy balanced diet. During this time Rachel learnt how to train effectively and become efficient in the various functional movements.  She thoroughly enjoys Crossfit and regularly takes part in competitions for fun, as a team and as an individual athlete.

Rachel took 1st in the ‘Pound for Pound Masters’ female category competition in 2019 and placed 38th out of 894 in the Crossfit 2019 Open Masters.

She’s always been passionate about fitness and decided to leave her 9 – 5 job, do something she loves and became a Coach and Personal Trainer.

She has a wealth of experience and knowledge to offer clients and members and having had excellent results herself, her goal is to do the same for them.

Rachel wants to share her knowledge and experience to motivate and lead members and clients to succeed and reach goals, whatever they may be, from learning Crossfit functional movements, fitness, weight loss, to more of a bodybuilding approach to tone and build muscle.

Rachel enjoys supporting and inspiring people to achieve their full potential and fitness goals.  Seeing people work hard and make changes in their life, based on the support, motivation and instructions that she has provided them, she finds very rewarding and it provides her with a sense of accomplishment to know people are living a healthier and happier life.





The course is essential for anyone who is new to Crossfit, you’ll be taught the basic fundamental movements in a friendly environment along side like minded people.

Personal Training

We also offer 1 to 1 sessions for anybody looking for more dedicated sessions. Perhaps you are new to the gym or you have specific targets that you are looking to achieve. get in touch and we can discuss your requirements.