“I joined CrossFit Llantrisant in September 2017 not knowing anything about the format. Over the nine years prior to joining CrossFit Llantrisant I had undergone three major surgeries on my back. This experience had left me weak both physically and mentally.

I embarked on a 16 week strength rehabilitation programme in hospital. The physiotherapists advised that to avoid further back problems I should continue to be as active as possible and try some form of weight training, to further strengthen my back muscles. After much research I dropped into CrossFit Llantrisant, spoke to Chris (Head Coach), loved the enthusiasm and signed up for an introductory period.

Since then I haven’t looked back. I have been blown away by the diversity of exercise, the level of support from the coaching team but most of all my fellow members. What makes CrossFit Llantrisant so incredible are the people who train with you. No matter your ability, shape or size you are encouraged to be the best possible version of yourself. It doesn’t matter if you are first or last to finish, all that matters is that you try your hardest. The support I have received from CrossFit Llantrisant has, without question, helped me become a better, stronger and happier person.


I have now been fully discharged from my back surgeon’s care after nearly eight years. I have overcome challenges I never thought possible and still do on a weekly basis. I have met some amazing people and can honestly say, hand on heart, that CrossFit Llantrisant has turned my life around. From the comprehensive facilities with the most up to date equipment, the inspirational coaching staff, the fitness programs and the friends I’ve made along the way, joining CrossFit Llantrisant is quite simply one of the best decisions I have ever made.”