Classes For All ABILITIES


Strength + WOD is a conditioning programme with many twists and turns along the way. The strength side is a mix up of Olympic Weightlifting and compound movements such as squats, dead lifts and presses. The conditioning side is constantly varied using functional movements as the base of each WOD (work out of the day). You could come to 30 sessions in a row and each WOD would be different, this is to keep you interested and to keep your body guessing.

The Strength + WOD class is great for getting stronger, leaner and building up an engine. The best thing about strength + conditioning is everything is scalable, meaning it is suitable for all fitness levels and body types.


The HiiT classes are best suited for those that are looking to get back into fitness. The service includes 1 on 1 consultations, nutrition plan, results tracking and classes that are designed around the main goal of the program which is weight loss and toning up. You will also be given access to the CF72 online portal which includes home workouts, breakdown videos of all movements mindset training and much more.


CF72 has a dedicated studio for clients that would like to improve on their mobility, flexibility and general wellbeing. Regular classes that take place in the Hub are Yoga, Hot Yoga and classes to help improve your overall mobility and movement.

All classes are open to all fitness abilities and are great as part of your full time fitness plan or something than can run alongside one of the other programs that CF72 offers.




The foundations program Is where a client starts their journey into Strength & WOD plan.

The first step is to take part in two beginner sessions, in these sessions the coaches will teach all movements that will come up in the Strength & WOD sessions.

Each client will also receive 1 on 1 consultations, nutrition plan, results tracking and access to the CF72 online portal which includes home workouts, break down videos of all movements, mindset training and much more.


Teens is suitable for the ages of 11 to 15 years old, this is a great class for a teenager that would like to improve on general fitness skills such as agility, flexibility, mobility and other hugely important motor skills. These classes will also help with building up strength, fitness and general wellbeing. This class is also perfect for those teenagers looking to improve in other sports such as Rugby, Football, Netball etc.

In addition to the above, the Teen classes are great for those teenagers who are not too keen on conventional sports and looking for something to improve their fitness or to find a new hobby. Many of our current Teen members that regularly come to our classes do so for this reason and have since thrived in the environment. The classes are fully adaptable and scalable for an inclusive atmosphere and we endeavour to keep the classes fun and engaging to keep them coming to CFL.


The course is essential for anyone who is new to Strength + Conditioning, you’ll be taught the basic fundamental movements in a friendly environment along side like minded people.

Personal Training

We also offer 1 to 1 sessions for anybody looking for more dedicated sessions. Perhaps you are new to the gym or you have specific targets that you are looking to achieve. get in touch and we can discuss your requirements.